Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hairy BFFs

Perhaps I spend too much time on the internet but there seems to be a growing segment of the population who thinks pets are bad for children. They will go ON AND ON about how you should never leave a kid alone with a pet. Especially a dog.

Well I don't know about other parents but for me that would mean I can't HAVE a pet because I need to do things like pee and hang out laundry.

Yes there is a chance of a pet hurting your child. There is also a chance of your child falling off a swing,  breaking their leg in a gopher hole, or chocking to death on a piece of popcorn. If a pet is properly trained and socialized it lowers the risk to a level that I am definitely comfortable with.

Pets have enriched my children's lives . It teaches them to be considerate of the needs of others. It teaches them to treat all living things with kindness. It teaches them how to deal with loss when a pet dies. Most importantly it teaches them responsibility and unconditional love.

As great as all that is though the real reason I wanted my boys to have pets is for the joy animals bring to their lives. When my eldest is fighting with his best friend having Mew2 of Clifford (our cats) curl up with him always puts a smile on his face.

 As for the baby, his best friend in the world has four legs and smells bad when he is wet. Carnage is never too busy cleaning the bathroom or cooking supper to snuggle up or (like in this picture) take a 45 min nap with him.

Animals were an important part of growing up for me.  We always had pets. I missed watching me eldest bond with animals as a toddler because of where we lived but even then we had fish.

I think caring for animals makes us better people. It instills empathy in us at an early age. While it is not always possible to have a pet I think every child that can should

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