Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Many parents from Steubenville should be ashamed of their offspring.

I have been following, with a broken heart, the trial coverage of the Steubenville rape case. I am shocked that these 2 young men are being portrayed as victims. They repeatedly raped and humiliated a young woman. laughed about it online and then the media cries foul when they become registered sex offenders.

WTF I don't think I even want to live in this world anymore.

 This article gives a good summary of what the boys did and the media reaction to their sentencing for anyone who is unfamiliar with the case. 

I would like to think  Steubenville is a cesspool of moral degradation but I have a strange feeling it is much like any other town. What these boys did is sick enough but the fact that their (and the victims) peers took pictures and encouraged this behavior is where my mind truly boggles. The fact that some of their parents are trying to save them nearly makes my brain explode.

I have 2 boys whom I love with all my heart. I am very anti corporal punishment. I think children deserve to be treated with respect.

But if I EVER  EVER  EVER!!!  found out they took pictures of something like this for any reason other than to text them immediately to a police officer you can bet your ass I would not be begging the courts to go easy on them. In fact if my kids had a lick of sense (which by this point they would have obviously proved they did not and that I was a horrid failure as a parent) they would be BEGGING the judge for the maximum sentence just so I could not get my hand on them.

We are responsible to teach our children right from wrong. We are responsible to teach them that the right thing and the easy thing are rarely the same. We have a responsibility to all of society not to unleash self absorbed, heartless, assholes on the Jane (and John) Doe's of this world. If despite our best efforts our kids turn out to be predators or soulless deviants we have a responsibility to hold them out and allow justice to be served. If you are not prepared to do so you should not have children.

 Having children is a huge responsibility. Not just in terms of having to care for them but because how you raise them will affect EVERY living being they come in contact with their entire lives

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  1. Thank you for this post because you are not alone in your opinion. This case reflects everything that is wrong with our culture--from parenting to self entitled children--
    I don't want to hear how "two lives were ruined." Because the epic failure of moral fortitude from these boys indicates they were ruined long before they crossed paths with this poor girl.
    Even the state of the victim tells us another gruesome story of our culture. Underage drinking, women in danger, being prey. I am not saying that she asked for it. That's not what I mean AT ALL. But do we need to teach our girl children to trust no one because at any moment we can be victimized? Is this the message? Trust No One because you never know who came from terrible parents? I am the mother of a daughter and the stories in the news this past year are terrifying and the talks we will have to have when she is older break my heart and yet are so necessary.
    What is this world coming to? It is a very dangerous place. And I hope these boys experience an ever lasting hell in prison (not to mention a pox on all of those who dared not to help her).