Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why is there no valium in my bag?

Halloween is over ... thank you lord.

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Halloween. I decorate for it every year and always dress up.  Where we go trick or treating candy is given to anyone who wears a costume so I come home with lots of sugar.

Unfortunately my kids also come home with a few billion empty calories. If they could eat all the candy that night and have it over with them maybe it wouldn't be so bad but after the torture of parading from house to house for 2 hours and dragging my one year old in and out of the car (houses are too far apart to walk)  I then have to get 2 sugar high kids to bed scrub off my makeup and go there myself.

That is not the end of it though .... The next day I start the fight about how much candy can be consumed for breakfast, what can be taken to school, supervise trades, and eventually tell them no more for the day, and the next day we do the same thing.

Now a few days later all the peanut better cups have been eaten and the whining is starting because "there is nothing good left"

Yeah I love Halloween but I think it would be better if we left the kids out of it and handed out booze, Valium, pot and maybe porn.